Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dinner at Atlanta's Canton House

I do not have to work today. So I decide to go to Atlanta to do some shopping and to meet my son for dinner.It takes about one and a half hour to drive to Atlanta from Columbus ,Georgia ,taking I 185 and 85 north. Since it is a weekday, the traffic is not so heavy.
I arrived Atlanta about 2 pm . Since I only meet my son at 6.30 pm, I have a lot of time. I had lunch at the Hongkong restaurant. I had a bowl of mee hoon soup with fish ball.
Then I did some grocery shopping and I still had a few more hours to waste. I decided to get me a hair cut. I went to a hair saloon at Old China Town. The hairstylist is very friendly, and I got to know she's from Malaysia and speak Cantonese too. She did a good job cutting my hair, and charged me $20 plus $5 tips.I was satisfied.
Still have a lot of time, went for more grocery shopping, to the bakery store,got some bread and egg tarts.Also got me a cup of hot milk tee.With 2 more hours to wait, I drove around and went to the Mexican mall, there's a lot of Hispanic shops selling all kinds of Mexican stuff, clothing, boots, belts, food and decorations.
I drove to the Canton House at Buford Highway, waiting for almost 30 minutes.
My sons and three friends came. The restaurant is not too busy tonite, usually they were packed on Sundays, where we went to eat Dim Sum.
The waitress sat us down and offered us our menu. We ordered the family meal,for 4 ,for $49.00. She told us if we order the regular menu up to $10.00, we can order a Lobster of only $5.00 (regular $24.95) That is such a good deal, but the boys did not like lobster.
Our dinner consist of one Tofu and Spinach Soup, Sesame Chicken, Salt and Peppered Shrimp, and Glazed Pork Chop. We also have a choice of dessert, Orange or Red bean Soup.We also ordered half a roast duck.
We really enjoyed our dinner, but they forgot our Pork Chop. They brought to us only when we finished, so we have to get a to go box.
The bill came up to $70.00 for 5 of us. Quite Satisfied.
The Canton House is located on Buford Highway, they are famous of some good Dim Sum.

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