Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A trip up Oak Mountain,Birmingham ,Alabama

Tuesday, We did not have a lot of work to do .So we decided to visit Oak Mountain to look at he Big Waterfall.(What we heard) Oak Mountain is a State Park about 2 miles from the Exit 246,Highway 119, just beside I 65.

The fee is $2.00 per person. This is a very big state park, with a few lakes,where you and fish and paddle boat. A camping site where you can camp or park your RV.
There are quite a few hiking trails and a tree cabin trail.Also A wildlife park.You also can watch the birds.

We try to look for the waterfall, and follow the narrow road up the mountain, about 4 miles. We went to the top, and there is such a beautiful view looking down at the city. The air is so fresh. We reach the site which led us to the fall, we have to get down and wall about 0.4 miles.As we walked ,we expected to find a very Hugh Waterfall, but to our disappointment, was a small water fall among all the giant rocks.That site is very peaceful. We met a few visitors, taking pictures of the fall.

But I like this place very much, so quiet and peaceful, and far away from the busy city life.One can really relax here.

Almost 1 pm and we drove downhill, but I will definitely visit this place again and maybe camp here for a few days.Beautiful place.

Lunch at Royal Super Buffet,Gulfport ,Mississippi

Monday, we drove 5 hours to Gulfport,Mississippi to submit plans for a project. We had lunch at the Royal Super Buffet, A very large Chinese Restaurant, located by the Giant Food,Supermarket on Highway 49 North, to Hattiesburg,Mississippi.
The restaurant serves a variety of Chinese,Japanese And Mexican Food on the Buffet line.
Chinese foods ranged from Sesame Chicken,Chicken on a Stick, Mongolian Beef, Broccoli Beef, Honey Chicken , Chicken Wings, Fried and Steamed Fish, Spicy Shrimp,Fried Shrimp etc.

Japanese is variety of Sushi Roll, California roll, and Philadelphia Roll.Some Quissadelia and tacos on the Mexican bar. Also Salad, Soup, Fruits and Dessert Bar. Also soft served Ice cream.

If you want something fresh, pick up your choice of vegetables ,meat and noodles from the Hibachi Bar, and let the chef cook for you, add your garlic and hot chili sauce if you like spicy, like me. Remember to drop a tip on the tip jar.

There is really a lot of food, more than 200 items.And All That You Can Eat for lunch is only $6.99 per person, exclude drinks. Well Worth it.
The food is not bad, just not well presented. Service is not that good, they only came to clear your plates.Total ticket came up to $17.00 plus $2.00 tips

Have a great lunch, did some work at the City Hall, and by 4.30 we drove back to Montgomery , almost 4 hours and later drove back to Birmingham ,Alabama.