Monday, July 28, 2008

Bike Ride at Carver Park

It is a hot Sunday, we decided to ride our bikes at the park. It has been a very long time since I last rode my bike. As we aged, we need to exercise more. We loaded up our bikes on the truck and headed to Carver Park, off Sychtalga Road.
Carver Park is a very big park with Walking and Bicycle Trails, A lake where you can fish and enjoying the scenes of the Ducklings and Geese swimming .
There are a few Shaded Sheds, with picnic tables and a lot of barbecue pits. A children playground with swings and slide, and a basketball court.
There are a lot of pine and oak trees and I saw a few persimmon trees, with little fruits hanging.
The park is so quiet despite a few young guys driving with their loud exhaust and music. Fresh air and great nature with birds and squirrels.I was surprised that not many people were down there.Maybe more in the morning and evening.
We rode for a few laps ,about 3 miles and headed for home. But our truck won't start, something wrong with the fuel pump. Managed to drag the truck halfway and I have to ride the bike home and brought another vehicle to pull it back.
Wow, it was a real sweaty day.
I encourage you to go walk or ride in the park or bring your family for a picnic.
There is no fee charged .It is not too far from town, you will enjoy the serenity of the park. Carver Park of Columbus.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lunch At Country's Barbecue

We had lunch at Country's Barbecue on Saturday. Country's Barbecue is famous for their Barbecue Ribs and Chicken . There are 3 locations, one on 1329 Broadway, one on 6298 Veterans Parkway, and one on 3137 ,Mercury Drive, Columbus ,Georgia.
We went to the Mercury Drive's location. Located on the back, this restaurant is always busy.
The building looks old, and inside is really antique looking, with a lot of antique decorations like those Coco Cola's Signs. They were crowded and has about 6 waitresses.
We ordered Sweet tea with lemon. My husband ordered the BBQ Ribs Platter and I had the BBQ Chicken Platter. The sweet tea comes in a pickle jar glass. The ribs plate comes with 2 sides, a french toast and some pickles and onions.The sides are baked sweet potatoes and cream corn.
My BBQ chicken comes with a half chicken with 2 sides, black eye peas and cream corn with a french toast.I liked my chicken, a little dry, but the ribs were a little tough.
The ticket came up to $21.08. We could not finish all, and had a togo plate to take home.

Recommended for Barbecue Restaurant,.
Price Range- Reasonable, Medium
Service -- Average

Country Barbecue- 1329 ,Mercury Drive,Columbus,Ga
Telephone 706 596 8910

Friday, July 11, 2008

Saturday's Dinner at TGIF

TGIF on Saturday. I asked for a night off from work, since it was after the 4th and business is not that busy. We decided to eat out . Have planned to go to Cheddars but when we arrived , the line was so long. Then, about to go to Red Lobster but we could not find a parking space. I could not believe all these restaurants were so busy. Driving around for 10 minutes, TGIF was not too busy , so we that's where we ended.
Sitting at the corner of Whitesville and Whitlessey Road, this medium size restaurant is very cozy and nice. As you entered, there are a few Host and Hostesses, greeted you and one led you to your table. Music over the speaker, they were quite full. They had a smoking and not smoking rooms. We opted for not smoking.
Simple country decoration with retro design. A long wooden kayak stayed on top of the beams.
Our waitress was friendly, took our drink order. I wanted Sweet Tea and my husband asked for a Mudslide. She bought our drinks but the tea was not sweet at all and the Mudslide tasted too bitter for me. A little too much alcohol.

Then we ordered our dinner. I ordered the Bruschette Pasta with Grilled Chicken,
and my husband asked for the Jack Daniel Trio.
Dinner came about 10 minutes. My Pasta comes in a big round plate. Pasta cooked with
tomatoes and onions, tossed with tomatoes sauce. Chicken perfectly grilled and laid on top of pasta.
The Jack Daniel Trio comes with 1/2 a stack of baby ribs, barbecued and braised with Jack Daniel sauce, some Jumbo Fried Shrimp and Sesame Braised Chicken on top of a small bed of Salad. Served on a Hugh Plate.The ribs has a very good tangy taste, Shrimp perfectly fried and the sesame chicken is crispy, but a little to the sweet side.
But we did finished our dinner. The ticket came up to $35.05 .Plus $5.00 tips.
That Mudslide cost $6.95.We did enjoyed our dinner.

TGIF has a menu that is reasonable and gives you a variety . Asian,Mexican ,Italian and American cuisine.


Food - Excellent
Service- Good,
Price - Reasonable,Affordable
Cleaniness- Good

Friday, July 4, 2008

More July 4th Photos

I have a few more photo for my July 4th ,trip to the Hooch
The Parrot Mascot
Scoopy the Bruster Icecream Mascot
The Sand Art Store
Amy's Birthday Cake

Great July 4th Celebration-Thunder on the Hooch!!

A Barbecue Automobile by Country Barbeque
Lots of rides
Thunder On The Hooch Celebration
Water Melon Eating Contest

We had a great celebration here in Columbus,Georgia. We went to downtown where every year they have the Thunder on the Hooch Celebration, organized by WTVM and many other businesses here. They have a lot of rides and games for the kids, and vendors selling lemonade, soda, Burgers, crafts and different kinds of food, Terriyakis, Sandwiches and Funnel Cakes.
There was also a Water Melon Eating Contest.
Families ,young and old, parents and kids were enjoying themselves and ready to camp out there waiting for night to come to enjoy the great display of Fireworks.As it gets dark, more and more people are coming out.

After the trip to the Hooch, we went to A friend's house and enjoyed Barbecue ribs and wings, hot dogs and sausages and grilled shrimp. And had some beers and Margaritas. Also some birthday cake as it was Lisa and Amy's birthdays.
It was a great day of Celebration- Happy July 4 th.

July Fourth-A day to celebrate and your Citizen's Test

Fourth of July is one of the most celebrated holidays across America. The day America became independent, there is no better way to celebrate than with Patriotic Goodies, Great Barbecue,and Giant Fireworks.
To many immigrants this is a special day that they sworned in as an American Citizen. But, they need to take their citizen's test. So how well do they or an average American citizen know the answers to this exam.

In order to gain citizenship in America, immigrants are required to pass a short-answer exam designed by US Citizenship and Immigration Services. A revised version of the exam went into rotation on October 1, 2008.

Test your knowledge of US history and government, with the following sample questions (source: USCIS):


1) How may amendments does the Constitution have?

2) What stops ONE branch of government from becoming too powerful?

3) The House of Representatives has how many voting members?

4) There are four amendments to the Constitution about who can vote. Describe ONE of them.

5) What are TWO rights only for United States citizens?

6) The Federalist Papers supported the passage of the U.S. Constitution. Name ONE of the writers.

7) What territory did the United States buy from France in 1803?

8) Who was President during World War I?

9) Name ONE U.S. territory.

10) Why does the flag have 13 stripes?


1) Twenty-seven (27)

2) Checks and balances; Separation of power

3) Four hundred thirty-five (435)

4) Citizens eighteen (18) and older can vote; You don't have to pay a poll tax to vote; Any citizen, male or female, can vote; A male citizen, of any race, can vote

5) Apply for a federal job; Vote; Run for office; Carry a U.S. passport

6) James Madison; Alexander Hamilton; John Jay; Publius

7) Louisiana; the Louisiana Territory

8) Woodrow Wilson

9) Puerto Rico; U.S. Virgin Islands; American Samoa; Northern Mariana Islands; Guam

10) Because there were 13 original colonies; Because the stripes represent the original colonies

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

"Baby Flying " lands Teen behind bars

Lee County Georgia, from WTVM ,Columbus News

A Lee County teenager put up a shocking video on YouTube, showing him using a large, inflatable pillow to launch an eight month old baby through the air.

Now that 16-year-old boy is charged with felony cruelty to a child. He was arrested after a Lee County school teacher saw the video and called the Sheriff's Office.

It's a mother's nightmare. Watch as this 16-year-old DeSoto boy demonstrates, for the world to see, how to, as he put it, 'make a baby fly.' He puts the baby on an inflatable pillow, then jumps on the pillow to launch the baby through the air.

The baby landed several feet away on the floor and can be heard crying.

"It was terrible," says Lee County Sheriff Harold Breeden. "I can't believe a 16-year-old kid would do something like this."

The 8-month-old child was left in the care of the family of the teen who was actually behind the camera shooting the video. The Lee County Sheriff's office got a call from a Lee County High School teacher who was shown the posting by another student. Fearing for the child's safety she called investigators, and now her former student is in the detention center.

"He's incarcerated in RYDC," Breeden said. "We took him down this morning and he has been arrested and charged with cruelty to children in the first degree, and in the third degree."

The first count for violence to a child under 18 and the second count for allowing his 16-year-old friend to see the violence by encouraging him to videotape it. The teen who videotaped it is not charged with a crime. Pediatrician Donna King, who has 8-month-old twins, says the baby could have been seriously injured.

"Trauma to the skull, of course comes to mind at first. A trauma to the skull resulting in the fracture of the skull which can cause a contusion to the brain, bleeding inside the brain," said the doctor.

As for the teen's actions, the Sheriff's office hopes others will learn from their mistake.

"It's not going to be funny when the judge gets through with him, he'll think twice next time you know, about how funny it was," Brreden says.

The video has been removed from the YouTube site and the teen, who's never been in trouble before, must now await his fate in court.

The Lee County Sheriff's office has asked the baby's parent to have the child seen by a doctor, they're still waiting to hear if the baby had any injuries from the fall.