Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lunch At Country's Barbecue

We had lunch at Country's Barbecue on Saturday. Country's Barbecue is famous for their Barbecue Ribs and Chicken . There are 3 locations, one on 1329 Broadway, one on 6298 Veterans Parkway, and one on 3137 ,Mercury Drive, Columbus ,Georgia.
We went to the Mercury Drive's location. Located on the back, this restaurant is always busy.
The building looks old, and inside is really antique looking, with a lot of antique decorations like those Coco Cola's Signs. They were crowded and has about 6 waitresses.
We ordered Sweet tea with lemon. My husband ordered the BBQ Ribs Platter and I had the BBQ Chicken Platter. The sweet tea comes in a pickle jar glass. The ribs plate comes with 2 sides, a french toast and some pickles and onions.The sides are baked sweet potatoes and cream corn.
My BBQ chicken comes with a half chicken with 2 sides, black eye peas and cream corn with a french toast.I liked my chicken, a little dry, but the ribs were a little tough.
The ticket came up to $21.08. We could not finish all, and had a togo plate to take home.

Recommended for Barbecue Restaurant,.
Price Range- Reasonable, Medium
Service -- Average

Country Barbecue- 1329 ,Mercury Drive,Columbus,Ga
Telephone 706 596 8910


Martin Miller-Yianni said...

Love your passion for food and running commentry. Look forward to more and more and more until you BURST!

Food is something you never grow tired of.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Shazzam!!! Makes me hungry ...