Saturday, April 26, 2008

Great Sushi Lunch at Tako

Of all the Japanese Sushi restaurants, in Columbus, Georgia, I loved the Sushi at Tako Japanese and Chinese Restaurant. Located off the city, on a little shopping center on the end of Double Churches/Whitesville road, this small restaurant is very cozy and clean. Owned by two young brothers, from New York.

Their sushi is very fresh. We ordered a plate of eel and fried shrimp sushi.Beautiful created and looked very delicious. The rice is not too hard, and the fish is fresh.

We also ordered the Bento Box with Teriyaki Chicken. Served with Miso Soup , and came in a beautiful Oriental box filled with 2 Fried Tempura Shrimp, 2 Sweet potatoes, 2 Shui mai,White rice, Salad,Teriyaki Chicken and 6 pieces of California Roll. Very big portion and tasted well.

We usually can never finish the big portion , so had a togo box to take the leftover home.

They said they have good business , especially at night. And they deliver too.

Closed on Tuesday.

Come and try out the Tako Restaurant, at Double Churches Road.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Two Dollars Breakfast.

With all the prices going up, Gas, Groceries,can you still get a good breakfast for $2.00? Well , McDonalds is offering a special. $2.00 for 2 Egg Mcmuffins.

Each Mcmuffin comes with a slice of ham,egg and Cheese. Imagine eggs now cost about 20 cents each and Cheese 25 cents .This is a very good deal. I can only eat one, and share one with my son. Brew me come coffee and I have a Great Mcbreakfast.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tupelo to Atlanta via I20 East

We did not fill up the gas tank, as the Pump did accept my Husband's Debit Card. Having half a tank of gas left, we decided to drive to Birmingham ,Alabama to get gas.Bright sunshine with cool breeze we strolled along Highway 78 East. This is a new highway, 78 East corner(The Future I 22)There were not much traffic and it cut our trip to Birmingham for about 30 minutes. Not much excitement but saw a few States Troopers on the side of the Highway waiting for Speeders. And we saw a 18 Wheeler flipped on the side, and people carrying away crates of Oranges.
Reached Birmingham and the lite for empty gas was on, and we stopped by to fill up the tank. Not too hungry, we continued our journey to Atlanta via I20 East,passing town like Talladega and Douglasville. Almost to Atlanta, the traffic were heavy.
Reached Atlanta at 4pm, went to Old China Town to meet some friends, Ate some Ribs Noodles and a bowl of Wonton soup. For less than $10.00 we got a big bowl of Noodles and a bowl of more than 25 wontons. Delicious.
Then went to Din How Supermarket to get some Chinese groceries, steamed buns, vegetables and Soy Drinks.Also bought some delicious Roast pork bun, red bean bun and some egg tart. We love the Hong Kong Deli, they have the best buns.
Almost 6 pm we drove to Chamblee, to meet our son(study in Georgia Tech) for Dinner.
He took us to the Vietnamese Cafe. A small little restaurant with a lot of bamboos decoration, and large print of the food served,it is very cozy. They were so busy.
We waited a little while, the waitress served us drinks and took a while to get our order. We ordered some Shrimp Roll, Chicken Sate and my son ordered the Vermicelli bow.Also some Shrimp and Sweet Potatoes fries.Food came fast, Chicken sate is okay. The Shrimp has some big shrimp in it,but the Vermicelli was loaded with Chicken and Shrimp,lettuce and parsley.We loved the Shrimp and Sweet Potatoes fries. The fries were crunchy with a sweet taste. Also, had Bubble Tea.
Our ticket came up to $26.10 plus $5.00 tip.
After dinner, drove another 2 hours back to Columbus,Georgia. It was a long and tired weekend, but enjoyable.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Great Breakfast at Sleep Inn

We did not sleep well as both of us were coughing whole nite, due to bad cold and allergy. Even though with the new soft bed. And our room were at the end and near the back entrance, and whole nite we could hear the slamming of the door ,when someone went in and out.
Got up early at , cleaned up and packed our things in to the cars, ready to go back to Georgia. The motel offered Continental Breakfast, so we might as well had our free breakfast here. At the dining room, were a ranch of full breakfast. Hot Coffee, Tea, Orange Juice ,Apple Juice, and Milk. Top with biscuit and gravy, Oat Meal Cereal, Muffins, Bagels, Toast, Hard boiled Eggs and Doughnuts. Also fruits,Banana, Apples, Oranges . Also Yogurt.
After the full and satisfied breakfast , we checked out. Met a client before we left, looked at the location for about 30 minutes. We are ready to leave Tupelo.
Went to the Gas station to fill up. At the McDonald's we met a few couples from Tennessee, riding on their Honda's and Harley Motorcycles. I guess they are retirees and enjoying their leisure life travelling on their bikes, on this beautiful spring weather.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tupelo,Mississippi Nite

After a few hours of rest, we were hungry so we decided to go look for a nice restaurant to eat. Driving up to North Gloster Street, brought us to The Mall at Barnes Crossing. There are over 100 speciality shoppes here and is one of the largest shopping venues in Northeast Mississippi. From Target, Dillard's,JC Penney to Kohl's,Barnes and Nobles etc.,
Along this venue are more than 100 nice places to it. You'll find almost every kind of cuisine from All American casual to the finest of dining. Apple bees, Arby's,Burger King, Bumpers Drive In, Red Lobster,Ruby Tuesday, Sun-Kai Chinese,Vanelli's, Cafe 212, Ryan's Buffet,Cajun Cafe,Cancun Mexican,Magic Wok and Olive Garden.
Almost 8.30pm but The New China Buffet V still had a lot of cars parked outside.So we
decided to try Chinese Buffet. A nice size restaurant, looked like a former Golden Coral restaurant. Entering the main entrance is a water fountain where a lot coins were thrown in, guess people making wishes.
The waiter led us to our table , and waitress brought our drinks, We helped our selves . The menu said they have over 250 items. Range from Sushi, Salad, Soups,Desert to Chinese stir fried to Mexican Tacos and wraps, also bread , fruits and deserts.Saturday and Sunday is Seafood Buffet so they have all kinds of shrimp, steam, cocktail, fried, stir fried and Crab Legs. But every time they only brought a small tray out and diners are waiting in line to get them. The lady on the next table to us took at least 3 full plates of crab leg. I wondered how the restaurant made a profit with diner like that.
I took some soup, some stir fried and some shrimp,one sushi plate then some hot and sour soup , two pieces of desert and some fruits. I was so full. My husband tried to catch him some crab legs but just managed to get a few tiny pieces.
The price is $10.49 per person, plus $1.50 for drink, our ticket came out to $23.50 plus $5.00 tips. The food was tasty but service not too good. Guess they were a little busy,because they were packed.
After dinner, we went to the super Walmart and bought some Nick-knacks and returned to our Sleep Inn Motel.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Travel from Georgia to Mississippi

My husband chose a bad day to travel . He wanted to go to Tupelo, Mississippi to get a contract job for a new Japanese Steakhouse Restaurant. We started on a cold and very wet and cloudy. The rain decided to come today, after a few warm days. The sky was very cloudy and I hated to drive on a wet day.
The journey started with a long traffic jams on I185 north for almost 30 minutes. Then we drove past Phenix City and on to Highway 280 and thru Opelika,Alabama and all the small towns of Dadeville, Alex City,and on to Birmingham . And we have to turn around on to Highway 78 East, but we missed some junction and drove on to Interstates 65 North which goes to Huntsville Alabama. Blamed this on the Magellan GPS which gave us some confusing direction. So we argued a little and I decided to follow the old way, look at the big Atlas book we bought. Clearer directions.
Anyhow the GPS told us to make some U-turn and led us out to 78East. Reached Birmingham almost 4pm Eastern time.
Hungry, we decided to stop by a Chinese restaurant. Found the Golden Wok along the Highway.Located on 1421, Forestdale Boulevard, Birmingham, Al this medium size restaurant is decorated with little lanterns and nice oriental deco. It has a buffet table but only served Lunch Buffet from Sunday to Friday.
We decided to order from the Menu, the waitress was very sweet and bought us Hot Tea. We ordered the Singapore Mei Fun- tiny rice noodles cooked with curry flavor with vegetables , beef, shrimp and chicken.Also the Shrimp Vegetables with Black Bean sauce. While waiting the waitress offered us some steamed fish and stir fried cauliflower. We enjoyed our lunch, both dishes cooked well with flavor, not too salty and oily. Our tickets came with 2 fortune cookies and cost $16.00 plus $4.00 tips. And we still have some leftover to go.
Then we began our journey again, as least not raining any more but still cloudy. We started at 4.30 , passing by a lot of small towns. On one town you can see rolls of Bingo Halls and they are all crowded.
Highway 78 East is a very straight highway although hilly. Beautiful Scenery.
Soon at about 6.30pm we arrived at the border of Mississippi. And we stopped by the rest area to take a small break.

After, the break we started again as we have another 30 minutes to drive . And at 7.10 we arrived Tupelo,Mississippi,- The birthplace of the Rock and Roll King,Elvis
Presley. Tired from the almost 6 hours drive we check in at the Sleep Inn, A brand new motel, and they have grand opening specials. Everything was brand new here, the bed , the comforters and pillows.Took a hot bath, and ready to lie down for a short rest.