Monday, April 7, 2008

Travel from Georgia to Mississippi

My husband chose a bad day to travel . He wanted to go to Tupelo, Mississippi to get a contract job for a new Japanese Steakhouse Restaurant. We started on a cold and very wet and cloudy. The rain decided to come today, after a few warm days. The sky was very cloudy and I hated to drive on a wet day.
The journey started with a long traffic jams on I185 north for almost 30 minutes. Then we drove past Phenix City and on to Highway 280 and thru Opelika,Alabama and all the small towns of Dadeville, Alex City,and on to Birmingham . And we have to turn around on to Highway 78 East, but we missed some junction and drove on to Interstates 65 North which goes to Huntsville Alabama. Blamed this on the Magellan GPS which gave us some confusing direction. So we argued a little and I decided to follow the old way, look at the big Atlas book we bought. Clearer directions.
Anyhow the GPS told us to make some U-turn and led us out to 78East. Reached Birmingham almost 4pm Eastern time.
Hungry, we decided to stop by a Chinese restaurant. Found the Golden Wok along the Highway.Located on 1421, Forestdale Boulevard, Birmingham, Al this medium size restaurant is decorated with little lanterns and nice oriental deco. It has a buffet table but only served Lunch Buffet from Sunday to Friday.
We decided to order from the Menu, the waitress was very sweet and bought us Hot Tea. We ordered the Singapore Mei Fun- tiny rice noodles cooked with curry flavor with vegetables , beef, shrimp and chicken.Also the Shrimp Vegetables with Black Bean sauce. While waiting the waitress offered us some steamed fish and stir fried cauliflower. We enjoyed our lunch, both dishes cooked well with flavor, not too salty and oily. Our tickets came with 2 fortune cookies and cost $16.00 plus $4.00 tips. And we still have some leftover to go.
Then we began our journey again, as least not raining any more but still cloudy. We started at 4.30 , passing by a lot of small towns. On one town you can see rolls of Bingo Halls and they are all crowded.
Highway 78 East is a very straight highway although hilly. Beautiful Scenery.
Soon at about 6.30pm we arrived at the border of Mississippi. And we stopped by the rest area to take a small break.

After, the break we started again as we have another 30 minutes to drive . And at 7.10 we arrived Tupelo,Mississippi,- The birthplace of the Rock and Roll King,Elvis
Presley. Tired from the almost 6 hours drive we check in at the Sleep Inn, A brand new motel, and they have grand opening specials. Everything was brand new here, the bed , the comforters and pillows.Took a hot bath, and ready to lie down for a short rest.

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