Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lunch at O'Charlie,Alabaster,Alabama

I spent the weekend at Alabaster, Alabama. This small city has developed so much since the last 10 years. There is a Strip Mall with big businesses like Target,Best Buy,Books A Million and a Super WalMart.Also many great restaurants like Olive Garden, Taco Bell, Buffalo Wings ,O Charlies are found there.
Sunday, we had lunch at O'Charlie.
They were quite busy but we did not wait to long for a table. Nice and Cozy environment ,very clean.
We ordered our drink, coffee for me as usual and water with lemon for my husband.
The waiter was fast to bring us a basket of rolls. They were the best rolls, freshly bake with a sweet glaze on top.
We ordered the combination plate, a choice of two entrees, with soup or salad and one side order for $12.99 .
I had the Fried Country Catfish and Sirloin steak with Pilaf rice and Tomatoes/Tortilla Soup.My Husband had the Baby Back Ribs and Grilled Chicken Breast with Salad and Fully Loaded Bake Potato.
We got our soup and salad . I loved my soup, has a little spicy and tangy taste .I was already full with the soup and rolls.The waiter brought us more rolls.
Waited for about 15 minutes for our main course. The catfish was well breaded with cornmeal and fried to golden brown, the sirloin was medium well . I did enjoyed my lunch,but I did not quite like the rice, just plain boiled Uncle Ben's.
My husband's plate of Baby Back Rib and Grilled Chicken Breast has a fully loaded Bake Potato with lots of butter, and bacon bits, The baby rib was small, but marinated well. We could not finish , so we had leftover to take home.
Our check comes up to $30.00 Plus $3.00 tips.
Food Rating Good, Service Good, Price, Affordable.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Callaway Garden is offering Free Admission

PINE MOUNTAIN, Ga. - A west Georgia resort is opening its gates free of charge for the next two months.

Guests at Callaway Gardens won't have to shell out the $13 admission for adults and $6.50 ticket for children until March. Spokeswoman Rachel Crumbley said the move is to give visitors a little extra padding in their pocketbooks as the nation's economic slumps worsens.

Callaway Gardens opened in 1952 as a five-mile scenic drive. Today it is a sprawling resort with a golf course, rental cottages, miles of walking trails and acres of lush gardens.

Callaway Gardens also has a great vegetables garden, with all kinds of vegetables and a flower garden. There is a butterfly garden with different varieties of butterflies.

You will enjoy miles of walking trails or bike trails with beautiful nature , peace and quietness.Also a lake where you can swim and another to ride on the paddle boat.

Come and visit one of Georgia's great resort. Free Admission for these 2 months.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Vintage Car Show,Columbus ,Georgia