Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Happy Birthday !!

Today is my birthday. I turned 48 today, well on my way to middle age now.
Half a century gone.
Not a big celebration but did went out to have lunch at the Golden Corral Super Buffet on Sunday with my friends and family.Ate too much.
Today I had breakfast at Dennys with my husband.
Just another peaceful and happy day and I am thankful for my health and family. For my loving husband and my two sons. Could not have asked for more. Be Content.

I had a few Birthday wishes from some of my great friends from my facebook.This is a great community and interesting site.MyFacebook

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dinner at The Thai House

Arriving Las Vegas late, about 1030 pm Pacific time, but is actually 3 hours ahead, Eastern Time. Having been in the plane for 4 hours and nowadays they do not serve meals , only beverage and a little snack of cookies and tiny pretzel, we have been very hungry and decided to dine in at The Thai House, on Sahara Drive.
Located on a small shopping strip, this tiny restaurant opens till 4 am.The waiter is very attentive and friendly.
We ordered some Spring rolls, and A bowl of Tom Yam Noodles Soup. The spring rolls comes in 4 pieces served with sweet chilli dipping sauce. Very Crispy, although very hot.
The Noodles Soup comes in Mild as we asked for, with meat balls and big shrimp and some bean sprout. The soup is spicy and sour. After we finished our dinner, we walked back to the Hotel which is near by, sat for a while to unpack and went to bed , ready for tomorrow's adventure.
As we passed by the gambling hall at the lobby of the hotel, they were up packed up with all kinds of people gambling, poker, paikau, roulette, blackjack and off course the many slots machines.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

To Las Vegas I go !!

My Sister-in-law invited me to join her on a trip to Las Vegas for the week of August 9th to 13th.She was going for a Merchandise Convention at the World Largest Merchandise Mart at Las Vegas Convention Mall. She already booked the rooms at Sahara, and I only had to purchase an air ticket.
I was undecided at first and I had to pay $100 more for my air ticket since I booked lest than 14 days . However I still got a very good deal, travelling on Air Tran, direct from Atlanta to Las Vegas. Only $405 with Taxes and a return ticket.
I departed from Columbus to Atlanta , travelling with Groome Transportation. So I do not have to drive and leave my car at Atlanta Airport ,paying for gas and parking fee. Groome only charged $31 for one way and $58 for two way. And they have 36 rides daily from Columbus to Atlanta Airport. On an airconditioned 12 passengers van. But on that day , they only have 5 passengers to Atlanta.
I left about 2.15pm , arrived about 4pm, checked in and waited for about 2 1/2 hours for my flight. Departed at 6.20 pm Eastern Time and I arrived Las Vegas at about 8.30 pm,Pacific Time.The airport was quite crowded.I had to wait for about an hour for my sister who departed from Montgomery ,Alabama, and transit at Dallas,Texas.
Checked in at The Sahara about 11.30 pm.