Monday, January 7, 2008

Small Plane landed on Columbus Road

This morning as I going to the bank on Milgen Road, Columbus, I heard a Trucker said that he was lucky that he escaped being hit by a small Cessna Plane which has landed on the intersection of Miller Road and Warmspring Road.Near the Airport.
As I drove passed Miller Road to go to Airport Thruway, I saw a small plane at the clear landing near the traffic lite intersection, surrounded by Police cars, Firetrucks and some Newscaster Van, from WTVM and WRBL. A few reporters were on site to broadcast the news.
I did not see how the plane had landed so perfectly on the ground without hitting anyone , any cars ,building or power lines. Someone said that it was out of gas and made an emergency landing. I took a few photos with my cell phone.
According to the WTVM evening news,the pilot has made the emergency landing because he was out of gas. His flight left Lynchburg, Virginia headed for Dublin, Georgia., when he made the emergency landing.
"You see it dropping, and you hope for the best," said Pilot Dawson Lampp.
Lampp is describing the gut-wrenching moments when he realized his Cessna plane was running out of gas in mid-air.
Lampp had tried landing in Dublin, Georgia but there was heavy fog.
He then tried two other airports, but couldn't find anyplace to put the plane down, until he saw the Columbus Airport.
"This was the first clear opening and I was running low on fuel and I knew that," said Lampp. Lampp was making his approach to the runway, when at 2,000 feet, his last tank ran dry.
"Once it ran out gas, and had no power, it dropped like a rock and the first clear area I saw, I put it down and I took my chances without hitting somebody," he said.
With 10 years experience in the cockpit, Lampp was able to maneuver the plane around trees and power lines, and onto Warm Springs Road.
A split decision that saved his life. "I saw houses in front of me, and a road over here, and I chose the road instead," said Lampp.
Lampp says he glided at least four blocks, without hitting a single car, before rolling to a stop. He says his experience is a miracle he won't be taking for granted.
"Just have to count my blessings no one was there and no one got hurt," Lampp said.
The plane was towed to the Columbus Metropolitan Airport, where FAA investigators will take a look at it.
Lampp says he has 800 hours experience in that Cessna plane, and he's been flying in it for 3 years. He says he loves to fly and he'll fly again, if the FAA doesn't take his license.

Thank God no one was hurt.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

2007 Gone and Welcome 2008. I could not believe that the year has gone by so fast. And A brand New Year is ahead of us.Nothing major happened last year, we have no Hurricane, nor real cool weather in the South here. Gas was going up, and a little steady the last few months. Economy was not growing and neither was the stock market. But I know Google's stock has gone up to $700 since the last 2 years. I regretted not buying any when it was first listed.
A lot of businesses have been complaining that it was not a good year.Business was not growing . A lot of my friends who are in the restaurant business had been complaining about slow business. Maybe there are too many restaurants now, whether Chinese, Italian, Mexican or American.
It looked like Walmart is having good business because in Columbus ,Georgia here they have been 4 Brand New Super Walmart.
For Myself, 2007 is a peaceful year for me and my family. Nothing major happened, we sold our Hot Wings Restaurant, and I am able to have more time to venture in to other business while my husband got a very good and steady job but he has to travel a lot. This year I started my blog and wokandleisure is my very first blog. Though I did not earn much income from Google Adsense , only a few cents here and there, I was able to look in to many affiliates program and Internet business opportunities,and also learned a lot from ebooks and online communities. I also get to know a lot of online friends and buddies from communities like,,,
directmatches,ojeez and

I have joined a few business opportunities.,, and
I have only received a few checks of $2.00 from Jerkydirect, but they have some tasty and healthy jerkys. I earned $60 from Loftyprofits but the have to hold till I earn $100 for me to get a check. Others, I hope to see more earning in the New Year ahead. This my resolution , to earn more on the Internet in the year 2008. I know I have a lot to learn and explore.
Family wise, everyone is healthy, my eldest gone to college in Georgia Tech in Atlanta. My youngest hopefully can graduate this year, he is not too enthusiastic in school.Spent too much time playing war craft on the Internet. Hope he can explore and earn online.
I got to learnt a lot from bloggers online. I really admired bloggers like
Johnchow, Shoemoney, Johncow etc. I wondered how people like John Chow can earn so much being a blogger. I loved to read, he really gave me a lot of inspirations. His blog is very interesting.
So out the old 2007, and in the New 2008. Hope this is a better year for everyone , whether on the Internet business or Brick and Mortar business. Hope every have success and a great year ahead, not only in the United States but around the world. In Chinese the number 8, represents prosperity.