Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dinner at The Thai House

Arriving Las Vegas late, about 1030 pm Pacific time, but is actually 3 hours ahead, Eastern Time. Having been in the plane for 4 hours and nowadays they do not serve meals , only beverage and a little snack of cookies and tiny pretzel, we have been very hungry and decided to dine in at The Thai House, on Sahara Drive.
Located on a small shopping strip, this tiny restaurant opens till 4 am.The waiter is very attentive and friendly.
We ordered some Spring rolls, and A bowl of Tom Yam Noodles Soup. The spring rolls comes in 4 pieces served with sweet chilli dipping sauce. Very Crispy, although very hot.
The Noodles Soup comes in Mild as we asked for, with meat balls and big shrimp and some bean sprout. The soup is spicy and sour. After we finished our dinner, we walked back to the Hotel which is near by, sat for a while to unpack and went to bed , ready for tomorrow's adventure.
As we passed by the gambling hall at the lobby of the hotel, they were up packed up with all kinds of people gambling, poker, paikau, roulette, blackjack and off course the many slots machines.

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