Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Callaway Garden is offering Free Admission

PINE MOUNTAIN, Ga. - A west Georgia resort is opening its gates free of charge for the next two months.

Guests at Callaway Gardens won't have to shell out the $13 admission for adults and $6.50 ticket for children until March. Spokeswoman Rachel Crumbley said the move is to give visitors a little extra padding in their pocketbooks as the nation's economic slumps worsens.

Callaway Gardens opened in 1952 as a five-mile scenic drive. Today it is a sprawling resort with a golf course, rental cottages, miles of walking trails and acres of lush gardens.

Callaway Gardens also has a great vegetables garden, with all kinds of vegetables and a flower garden. There is a butterfly garden with different varieties of butterflies.

You will enjoy miles of walking trails or bike trails with beautiful nature , peace and quietness.Also a lake where you can swim and another to ride on the paddle boat.

Come and visit one of Georgia's great resort. Free Admission for these 2 months.

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