Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tupelo to Atlanta via I20 East

We did not fill up the gas tank, as the Pump did accept my Husband's Debit Card. Having half a tank of gas left, we decided to drive to Birmingham ,Alabama to get gas.Bright sunshine with cool breeze we strolled along Highway 78 East. This is a new highway, 78 East corner(The Future I 22)There were not much traffic and it cut our trip to Birmingham for about 30 minutes. Not much excitement but saw a few States Troopers on the side of the Highway waiting for Speeders. And we saw a 18 Wheeler flipped on the side, and people carrying away crates of Oranges.
Reached Birmingham and the lite for empty gas was on, and we stopped by to fill up the tank. Not too hungry, we continued our journey to Atlanta via I20 East,passing town like Talladega and Douglasville. Almost to Atlanta, the traffic were heavy.
Reached Atlanta at 4pm, went to Old China Town to meet some friends, Ate some Ribs Noodles and a bowl of Wonton soup. For less than $10.00 we got a big bowl of Noodles and a bowl of more than 25 wontons. Delicious.
Then went to Din How Supermarket to get some Chinese groceries, steamed buns, vegetables and Soy Drinks.Also bought some delicious Roast pork bun, red bean bun and some egg tart. We love the Hong Kong Deli, they have the best buns.
Almost 6 pm we drove to Chamblee, to meet our son(study in Georgia Tech) for Dinner.
He took us to the Vietnamese Cafe. A small little restaurant with a lot of bamboos decoration, and large print of the food served,it is very cozy. They were so busy.
We waited a little while, the waitress served us drinks and took a while to get our order. We ordered some Shrimp Roll, Chicken Sate and my son ordered the Vermicelli bow.Also some Shrimp and Sweet Potatoes fries.Food came fast, Chicken sate is okay. The Shrimp has some big shrimp in it,but the Vermicelli was loaded with Chicken and Shrimp,lettuce and parsley.We loved the Shrimp and Sweet Potatoes fries. The fries were crunchy with a sweet taste. Also, had Bubble Tea.
Our ticket came up to $26.10 plus $5.00 tip.
After dinner, drove another 2 hours back to Columbus,Georgia. It was a long and tired weekend, but enjoyable.

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Debo Hobo said...

Sounds like you had a pretty eventful raod trip and the food looks yummy:)