Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tupelo,Mississippi Nite

After a few hours of rest, we were hungry so we decided to go look for a nice restaurant to eat. Driving up to North Gloster Street, brought us to The Mall at Barnes Crossing. There are over 100 speciality shoppes here and is one of the largest shopping venues in Northeast Mississippi. From Target, Dillard's,JC Penney to Kohl's,Barnes and Nobles etc.,
Along this venue are more than 100 nice places to it. You'll find almost every kind of cuisine from All American casual to the finest of dining. Apple bees, Arby's,Burger King, Bumpers Drive In, Red Lobster,Ruby Tuesday, Sun-Kai Chinese,Vanelli's, Cafe 212, Ryan's Buffet,Cajun Cafe,Cancun Mexican,Magic Wok and Olive Garden.
Almost 8.30pm but The New China Buffet V still had a lot of cars parked outside.So we
decided to try Chinese Buffet. A nice size restaurant, looked like a former Golden Coral restaurant. Entering the main entrance is a water fountain where a lot coins were thrown in, guess people making wishes.
The waiter led us to our table , and waitress brought our drinks, We helped our selves . The menu said they have over 250 items. Range from Sushi, Salad, Soups,Desert to Chinese stir fried to Mexican Tacos and wraps, also bread , fruits and deserts.Saturday and Sunday is Seafood Buffet so they have all kinds of shrimp, steam, cocktail, fried, stir fried and Crab Legs. But every time they only brought a small tray out and diners are waiting in line to get them. The lady on the next table to us took at least 3 full plates of crab leg. I wondered how the restaurant made a profit with diner like that.
I took some soup, some stir fried and some shrimp,one sushi plate then some hot and sour soup , two pieces of desert and some fruits. I was so full. My husband tried to catch him some crab legs but just managed to get a few tiny pieces.
The price is $10.49 per person, plus $1.50 for drink, our ticket came out to $23.50 plus $5.00 tips. The food was tasty but service not too good. Guess they were a little busy,because they were packed.
After dinner, we went to the super Walmart and bought some Nick-knacks and returned to our Sleep Inn Motel.

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