Monday, April 14, 2008

Great Breakfast at Sleep Inn

We did not sleep well as both of us were coughing whole nite, due to bad cold and allergy. Even though with the new soft bed. And our room were at the end and near the back entrance, and whole nite we could hear the slamming of the door ,when someone went in and out.
Got up early at , cleaned up and packed our things in to the cars, ready to go back to Georgia. The motel offered Continental Breakfast, so we might as well had our free breakfast here. At the dining room, were a ranch of full breakfast. Hot Coffee, Tea, Orange Juice ,Apple Juice, and Milk. Top with biscuit and gravy, Oat Meal Cereal, Muffins, Bagels, Toast, Hard boiled Eggs and Doughnuts. Also fruits,Banana, Apples, Oranges . Also Yogurt.
After the full and satisfied breakfast , we checked out. Met a client before we left, looked at the location for about 30 minutes. We are ready to leave Tupelo.
Went to the Gas station to fill up. At the McDonald's we met a few couples from Tennessee, riding on their Honda's and Harley Motorcycles. I guess they are retirees and enjoying their leisure life travelling on their bikes, on this beautiful spring weather.

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