Saturday, April 26, 2008

Great Sushi Lunch at Tako

Of all the Japanese Sushi restaurants, in Columbus, Georgia, I loved the Sushi at Tako Japanese and Chinese Restaurant. Located off the city, on a little shopping center on the end of Double Churches/Whitesville road, this small restaurant is very cozy and clean. Owned by two young brothers, from New York.

Their sushi is very fresh. We ordered a plate of eel and fried shrimp sushi.Beautiful created and looked very delicious. The rice is not too hard, and the fish is fresh.

We also ordered the Bento Box with Teriyaki Chicken. Served with Miso Soup , and came in a beautiful Oriental box filled with 2 Fried Tempura Shrimp, 2 Sweet potatoes, 2 Shui mai,White rice, Salad,Teriyaki Chicken and 6 pieces of California Roll. Very big portion and tasted well.

We usually can never finish the big portion , so had a togo box to take the leftover home.

They said they have good business , especially at night. And they deliver too.

Closed on Tuesday.

Come and try out the Tako Restaurant, at Double Churches Road.

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