Friday, July 11, 2008

Saturday's Dinner at TGIF

TGIF on Saturday. I asked for a night off from work, since it was after the 4th and business is not that busy. We decided to eat out . Have planned to go to Cheddars but when we arrived , the line was so long. Then, about to go to Red Lobster but we could not find a parking space. I could not believe all these restaurants were so busy. Driving around for 10 minutes, TGIF was not too busy , so we that's where we ended.
Sitting at the corner of Whitesville and Whitlessey Road, this medium size restaurant is very cozy and nice. As you entered, there are a few Host and Hostesses, greeted you and one led you to your table. Music over the speaker, they were quite full. They had a smoking and not smoking rooms. We opted for not smoking.
Simple country decoration with retro design. A long wooden kayak stayed on top of the beams.
Our waitress was friendly, took our drink order. I wanted Sweet Tea and my husband asked for a Mudslide. She bought our drinks but the tea was not sweet at all and the Mudslide tasted too bitter for me. A little too much alcohol.

Then we ordered our dinner. I ordered the Bruschette Pasta with Grilled Chicken,
and my husband asked for the Jack Daniel Trio.
Dinner came about 10 minutes. My Pasta comes in a big round plate. Pasta cooked with
tomatoes and onions, tossed with tomatoes sauce. Chicken perfectly grilled and laid on top of pasta.
The Jack Daniel Trio comes with 1/2 a stack of baby ribs, barbecued and braised with Jack Daniel sauce, some Jumbo Fried Shrimp and Sesame Braised Chicken on top of a small bed of Salad. Served on a Hugh Plate.The ribs has a very good tangy taste, Shrimp perfectly fried and the sesame chicken is crispy, but a little to the sweet side.
But we did finished our dinner. The ticket came up to $35.05 .Plus $5.00 tips.
That Mudslide cost $6.95.We did enjoyed our dinner.

TGIF has a menu that is reasonable and gives you a variety . Asian,Mexican ,Italian and American cuisine.


Food - Excellent
Service- Good,
Price - Reasonable,Affordable
Cleaniness- Good

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