Monday, July 28, 2008

Bike Ride at Carver Park

It is a hot Sunday, we decided to ride our bikes at the park. It has been a very long time since I last rode my bike. As we aged, we need to exercise more. We loaded up our bikes on the truck and headed to Carver Park, off Sychtalga Road.
Carver Park is a very big park with Walking and Bicycle Trails, A lake where you can fish and enjoying the scenes of the Ducklings and Geese swimming .
There are a few Shaded Sheds, with picnic tables and a lot of barbecue pits. A children playground with swings and slide, and a basketball court.
There are a lot of pine and oak trees and I saw a few persimmon trees, with little fruits hanging.
The park is so quiet despite a few young guys driving with their loud exhaust and music. Fresh air and great nature with birds and squirrels.I was surprised that not many people were down there.Maybe more in the morning and evening.
We rode for a few laps ,about 3 miles and headed for home. But our truck won't start, something wrong with the fuel pump. Managed to drag the truck halfway and I have to ride the bike home and brought another vehicle to pull it back.
Wow, it was a real sweaty day.
I encourage you to go walk or ride in the park or bring your family for a picnic.
There is no fee charged .It is not too far from town, you will enjoy the serenity of the park. Carver Park of Columbus.

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