Friday, July 4, 2008

Great July 4th Celebration-Thunder on the Hooch!!

A Barbecue Automobile by Country Barbeque
Lots of rides
Thunder On The Hooch Celebration
Water Melon Eating Contest

We had a great celebration here in Columbus,Georgia. We went to downtown where every year they have the Thunder on the Hooch Celebration, organized by WTVM and many other businesses here. They have a lot of rides and games for the kids, and vendors selling lemonade, soda, Burgers, crafts and different kinds of food, Terriyakis, Sandwiches and Funnel Cakes.
There was also a Water Melon Eating Contest.
Families ,young and old, parents and kids were enjoying themselves and ready to camp out there waiting for night to come to enjoy the great display of Fireworks.As it gets dark, more and more people are coming out.

After the trip to the Hooch, we went to A friend's house and enjoyed Barbecue ribs and wings, hot dogs and sausages and grilled shrimp. And had some beers and Margaritas. Also some birthday cake as it was Lisa and Amy's birthdays.
It was a great day of Celebration- Happy July 4 th.

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