Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dinner at Mandarin House

Thursday's nite, we had dinner at the Mandarin House, Columbus,Georgia.
Mandarin House has been in Columbus for many years at Airport Thruway, but has moved to this new location on Veterans Parkway a few years ago.

They serve both Chinese and Korean Cuisine and a little Japanese and Thai cooking.
We usually ordered the Kapit(the BBQ ribs, Korean style) Thin sliced of Beef Ribs seasoned well and grilled .

Another dish is the Mapo Tofu. This is not on the menu although they have other Tofu dishes. You can ask the Lady boss to cook according to your request.The Mapo tofu is a plate of Tofu with sliced of pork , mushroom, onions and hot chili peppered. A little spicy,sweet and sour.

We were a little disappointed with the ribs this time. It has no taste, not marinated.The Tofu dish is good.

The waitress bought us some sweet cookies and our check, came up to $17.00.Service,Good.

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