Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reports of Storm Damages in the Valley


*Alabama Power crews work to repair damage in Phenix City.

*Valley Lanes in Phenix City a bowling alley suffered major structural damage. Walls and Ceilings collapsed. Five people were rescued from inside. Thankfully no one was injured.

*News Leader 9 shoots video of a realor office, lawn service, transmission business, and homes that were damaged along Dillingham and Broad Street.


*News Leader 9 captures daytime video at Lee Bayard Nursery. We documented a nursery truck that flipped over into the pottery stashes.

*We have daytime video of several Cedar trees around 13th & Peacock Avenue in Columbus. One family heard us telling people to take cover. We're told the dad scooped us his kids. Moments later, a tree crashed down just inches from where they had been. The same tree smashed the family's three cars.

*The Hardaway building in downtown Columbus was flooded by sprinklers that went off. All of the businesses inside are relocating.

*As Storm Team 9 went out to document damages, a tree falls behind our crew's car in midtown. Dave Platta captured the tree as it was falling.

*Georgia Power crews and Columbus Police work to restore power and traffic flow along Macon Road.

*Trees are down for much of the Lakebottom area- especially in the areas of near Wildwood, Peacock Avenue, 13th Street and 18th Avenue.

*A photojournalist captures images of damage at the Econolodge on Veterans Parkway in Columbus and of windows blown out at the RiverCenter.

The following are just called in reports: If you would like to report any damage please call the WTVM Newsroom at (706) 494-5458.

10:00 a.m: Residents in the Edgewood area believe a funnel cloud touch down toppeling big oak trees.

1:03 a.m: Reports tree is down on a house and car, chimney knocked off by a tree at Everhart Avenue and 13th Street.

1:01a.m: Debris on access roads on both sides of 280 Bypass -- including a mobile home blocking one of them

1:00 a.m: A CSU student at the Old Rankin Building in downtown Columbus says roof was shaking when storm was passing. The Old Rankin building was recently converted into dorms.

12:53 a.m: Owner of Jimmy John's on Macon Road says damage near the school administration building is "tremendous."

12:36 a.m: Seventh Street in Phenix City, AL -- 3 houses have trees through their roofs (near Bama Lanes)

12:31 a.m: Caller reports trees down on Wildwood Avenue (near Macon Road)

12:29 a.m: Dillingham Street Bridge -- house "shattered" at corner of Dillingham st./Broad St. -- People are being turned around at U.S. 431 and Dillingham St.

* Transformer down IN THE PARKING LOT of Alabama Auto Sales

12:25 a.m: Caller reports cars flipped over at Alabama Auto Sales on the 280 Bypass

* Sanford Road -- trees down, sheet metal down, firefighters going door-to-door

12:20 a.m: Power out along 11th Street and 13th Street downtown (first Avenue to Fifth Avenue) -- traffic lights out

12:18 a.m: Caller says power lines down on 280 Bypass in Phenix City, from Tate Furniture to Oglethorpe Bridge

12:17 a.m: 13th Street and 13th Avenue -- Columbus Police Department blocking traffic due to "power lines down" in the area.

* Hilton Avenue -- trees down

* Tenth Street and First Avenue (Downtown Columbus) -- light pole appeared to be down.

* 13th Street, between 10th and 13th Avenues -- some building frontage down.

* Reports of two mobile homes damaged at Jim Walter Homes (mobile home dealership) on U.S. 280 bypass in Phenix City.

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