Wednesday, October 10, 2007

How to add video unit to your blog?

Once you have linked your YouTube account and AdSense account, it's easy to add a video unit to your page. Just follow these steps to customize and implement your player.

Sign in to your account at
Select the AdSense Setup tab, then choose video units as the product.
You'll be directed to the YouTube website to customize your video unit. If you're not already logged in to YouTube, you will need to do so, then visit this page.
Enter a name and description for this player that will help you remember it in the future.
Customize the colors and layout of the player to fit your site.
Choose the type of content you'd like to display in this player: automated content that's automatically targeted to your site, or content from specific categories or providers.
Click the Generate code button.
Copy the code in the box and paste into the HTML source of your page where you'd like to display the video.
Once you've saved and published your page to the web, you'll see targeted videos start to show up right away.

1 comment:

Gerri said...

How well has this been working for you?
I have been using blinkx on my blog.