Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Mini Concept

I was always amazed though not in love with this cute little car. The Mini Cooper. I like to drive or sit in one but not so much as to own one.Remembered almost 30 years ago, I knew this guy who drove in one. That car was small but drove fast and furious. Even since I love to see a Mini.And few years back I was excited to see the new version when they brought it back.

Mini Showcases Stretched Mini Cooper Concept!!

BMW owned Mini Company, which manufactures the little, fashion icon car Mini Cooper have displayed a new concept based on the small car. This new concept vehicle is based on an extended version of the same Mini Cooper and it was showcased at the ongoing Frankfurt Motor Show on Monday. They call this concept car Mini Concept Frankfurt and it still retains the two doors, which are so popular on the regular version of the car.

However, the new long doors make it easier for the passengers to get into the rear seats of the car. Mini says that they were inspired by the Morris Mini Traveler to develop this version. At the back of the car, the rear doors are hinged on the sides and open out and both the doors hang on special “intelligent” hinges that minimize the amount of space needed to open them.

Inside this concept vehicle, seats are mounted in a way that they appear to float above the floor of the car making it look like a spacious car. This version of the car was developed by the company to make loading and entering the car as simple and convenient as possible for the riders in the car. This version uses a supercharged MINI Cooper S engine making it a fun car to ride.

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