Friday, November 16, 2007

Bento Box at Tako Restaurant.

After training at Atlanta, we drove back to Columbus,went to recruit a few people to join our great team at YTB Travel Network.We were hungry so I brought my friend ,Anita to have dinner at the Tako Restaurant. She liked Shasimi(raw fish) and I loved the Sushi there. They made some fresh sushi's.Also, the young guy that owns the Tako restaurant speaks the same dialect ,me and Anita spoke, Hakka. You can't find a lot of Hakka people in America, a lot of Cantonese and Fijians that speak Mandarin. When you meet someone who speak your dialect, you feel so at home.
The waitress brought us some Hot Green Tea. We ordered a combo plate with Shasimi and California roll and a Bento Box.
To start with , Anita had salad and I have Miso soup. The soup had seaweed and cubes of tofu in it.,miso based. Tasted delicious.
Then came our Shasimi plate, 10 pieces of hand rolled Shasimi, with a varieties, yellow fin, tuna and salmon . I don't quite like the Wasabi, too hot. I preferred with a little dip of hot pepper sauce.Also we have some California roll, Rice rolled in seaweed ,with some crab meat and avocado slices.Good with some pickle gingers.
Then came my Bento Box, a large beautiful Oriental box filled with goodies.
Came with 2 large Tempura Shrimp, so crispy, White rice, 8 pieces of California Roll, 2 pieces of Fried Sweet Potatoes,2 pieces of Siu Mai(steam minced pork and shrimp on a wonton wrapper)some tossed salad with great salad dressing, and a big piece of well grilled Terriyaki chicken on a bed of steam cabbage.The bento box is only $13.95 .And we could not finish the whole meal, a togo box was needed.
I also a small plate of Broccoli Chicken to take home for my husband. Tako Restaurant not only served Japanese but also Chinese cuisine. I liked the Japanese food better.They also have delivery service.
We were so full, and the whole ticket is only $32.00 (by the way he gave us 20% off)
It is good to go eat at some restaurant that you know the owner, you can get discounts or maybe free sometimes.
We were real satisfied with our Dinner, I recommend the Tako Restaurant, at Double Churches Road, in Columbus ,Georgia . If you come , please visit them, tell them I sent you, you might get a discount.

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