Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A bowl of Wonton Soup Noodles

I do not have to work today. After running some errands and feeling a little hungry , I have a craving for some Wonton Soup Noodles. My son didn't like Vietnamese cuisine, and husband was not in town. So I decided to enjoy my leisure lunch alone. Actually almost 3.30 pm, I drove to the PhoVY Vietnamese Restaurant at River Road, Columbus,Georgia.
Since lunch hour is over, I was the only customer. They are actually famous for their Pho (Beef Noodles soup).Recently, I discovered they also made good Wonton Soup Noodles.
So, I sat down and ordered me a bowl Wonton soup noodles and a glass of soy bean milk. Actually comes in a can with a glass of ice. The Wonton Soup noodles is a bowl of egg noodles or Wonton Mee, thin yellow noodles with clear chicken broth. Served with 5-6 wontons, homemade ,minced pork wrapped in wonton skin. Also some thin slice of roast pork. The soup has some green onions on it and they gave me a plate of beansprout ,lettuce and some raw green chili peppers.They are spicy hot. I like to put a little Siriracha hot sauce on mine, gave a little twang. I also ordered some
fried pork , they are so fragrant and fried crispy, only a little greasy.
I really enjoyed my noodles, and I took my sweet leisure time, eating them and enjoying the Vietnamese music playing on the radio, though I could not understand what they sang.It was some Chinese songs translated to Vietnamese.
It was a great lunch, I loved the really home-cooked style, reminded me of my hometown back in Malaysia.All those delicious home town cooking I have missed.
Sorry, no photo this time, I forgot to bring my camera.
And the ticket came up to $9.84. Not bad for a satisfied meal.

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sounds yummy...just dropping by here. good day!