Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bad Breakfast/Lunch experience at Waffle House

Today I have to drive my husband and one worker to Eufaula where he will be picked to work at Dothan ,Alabama . We were early, cos the other driver would not be there till another hour. Instead of waiting one hour in the car, and a little hungry we decided to eat at the Waffle House Restaurant.
The little restaurant with about 10 tables and 6 barstool seats were a little busy, the tables were filled up. We waited for 5 minutes and when one table's customer left, we went over to sit down but were told by the not so nice waitress that she has reserved the tables for someone else. I told her we were there first, but she said she wasreserving the table for some ladies.
So when a few barstools were emptied, we sat down . Anothe waitress took our order. We ordered 3 grilled chicken dinners, came with salad, toast, and hashbrown. We had to wait like 10 minutes before she brought our drinks and only gave us 2 salads. The lettuce was brown. Anyhow it was okay, as I do not like salad too much.
I saw one of the chef, brought out the chicken breast from the freezer, it was frozen hard like rock.Another 10-12 minutes ,the chicken was done, but our waitress did not bring our plates . She was too busy counting her tips at the counter. Then, without washing her hands , she walked over to gave us our plates of Chicken Dinner.
One big Texas toast, one big pile of Hashbrown and OMG a tiny piece of Chicken. The chicken has shrink so much. This was the first tiny piece of chicken breast we ever seen at any Waffle House that we had ever dined in.
The District Manager was there and he told the Waitress to give us a $1.00 discount on each dinner. That was kind of him. But, due to the frozen stage, the chicken was cooked too long on the grill and was really tough. When I finish my hashbrown and toast,The texas toast was toast only on one side. I got a knife and cut into my chicken, and in the middle of the chicken was a long piece of hair. It was not mine, it was inside the middle of the chicken.
The manager asked if I wanted another chicken, .Yes, I was hungry. Still the next piece of chicken was tiny too.
Our bill still came up to $27.85 plus $2.00 tips. These was the worst dining experience we had at Waffle House.We always love the porkchop,chicken dinner and waffle at Waffle House, but not this one anymore.

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