Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Chinese New Year 2008.

Being thousands of miles away from home in the United States, Chinese New Year is not a big event to celebrate for our family and a lot of Chinese families here. Christmas and Thanksgiving is more important.
Although in a foreign land, many of us Asians in America still keep our customs and traditions. The Reunion Dinner is very important. I did not prepare this for our family, as most of us are either away, to college or at work. Every year we usually were invited by one Chinese family, usually they owned a Restaurant and many of the friends and families would come together, also with some Americans Friends to have the Reunion Dinner.
This year we went to the China First Restaurant, owned by Kai Zheng and Amy.They cooked up a lot of food, Pork Chop, Stirfried Duck, Steamed Fish, Stir fried Crab,
Spicy Shrimp, Chilli Garlic Snail,Fish Roe Soup, Duck Feet, Rice Noodles, Cheesecake and cup cakes. We have a lot of beers, Tsingtao , Heineken, Japanese Plum Wine,and BudLight.
About 30 people came. We ate a lot, watch one Chinese Movie and sang Karoake. We gave out AngPow to the little kids, some big kids too. They were very happy.
The food was so good, not the daily buffet they served American Customer, but some
real Chinese Home Style.We had a really Good Time.We have to leave at 12 am, as many of us still have to work and the kids have to go to school.We do not have Official Holiday here, still have to work on Chinese New Year. I wished I was at home , holiday for whole week and really enjoy the New Year,. Anyhow we all had a great time.
Happy New Year to all my Asian friends here, Gong Xi Fat Cai.

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