Friday, May 16, 2008

Sunday's Mother's Day Lunch

Snickers German Chocolate Cake
Fried Sweet Potatoes
Sushi,Shashimi,California Roll
Salt and Peppered Shrimp

We went to the Tako Japanese and Chinese Restaurant at Double Churches for lunch on Sunday. With 2 of our friends, Kun and Flora Yuan. This is Flora First Mother'S Day celebration. She just had her 1st child about two weeks ago. Also her birthday is on Monday. We suppose to have more friends joining us, but they did not show up.
This restaurant is not so busy today, as most people prefer to go to some fancy seat down or Buffet restaurant.
We asked the Owner and Chef to fix us something special instead ordering from the menu.
He fixed a big plate of different kind of Sushi and Shashimi, Salt and Peppered Prawn,Sweet and Sour Fish/Flounder,and Fried Sweet Potatoes and we had Snickers German Chocolate Cake for dessert.And Japanese Hot Tea.
Very Delicious, Great Mother's Day Lunch.

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