Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lunch At Hong Kong Buffett

Amanda Carroll, my best friend Joan's little girl is finally graduating from High School this week, so On Sunday I decided to take them out for Lunch at the Hong Kong Supper Buffet Restaurant. Located on Bradley Park near Target,this restaurant is spacious.They have been opened for more than 3 years.
Walking in, is a big water fountain, with some gold fishes.
There is a party room for big group. And five or six buffet tables serving more that 200 items ranging from Chinese, Japanese , American and Mexican Cuisines.
Some of the favourites include, Sesame Chicken, Terriyaki Chicken, Sushi, Pizza,Soup ,Salad and Desserts.
Lunch for only $5.95 plus tax per person, this is a good deal and we had a coupon for 75 cents discount per person. We really enjoyed our lunch except service is not satisfied. We had waitresses that hardly speak English and a Gloomy face.
But, the food is fresh and delicious.
Our tickets came up to $36.00 with the discount(5 Persons)plus $7.00 Tips.

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