Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Little Malaysia-Atlanta,Georgia

Saturday, my son was having a party at his new apartment and my job was to cook for him. We left Columbus around 10 am, pickup a few friends and reached his place at Liberty Park Townhouse at about 12.noon.
He had already purchased on the groceries and I supposed to cook him some Sesame Chicken,Broccoli Beef, Curry Chicken, Rice,and Pop corn Shrimp and he fired up the grill to grill some chicken wings and drumsticks.
Most of the guest came about 2.30 pm .My Sister in law and niece came and they invited one Malaysian family. I finished cooking about 3.30 and we started eating and chatting and having a really good time, talking about old days in Malaysia and cooking recipes.While most of the kids, the college kids were playing video games and some well swimming in the crowded tiny pool.
More people came later, and the food almost gone.
We left about 7 and decided to go to China Town on Buford Highway to pick up some groceries. Since some of us still hungry, we decided to go eat at The Little Malaysia
restaurant, located at the corner of Asian Square. The sign is so small ,you hardly see it.
But this restaurant cooked good authentic Malaysian food from Hainam Chicken Rice,
Hokkien Mee, Nasi Lemak, Curry Chicken and Rendang.Also find some Roti Chanai and Ice Kacang. Cannot believe , you still can enjoy such delicious Malaysian food even though we are so far away from home.
We ordered the Hainanese Chicken Rice, - steamed fresh chicken, cut up, with green onions and ginger and soy sauce and served with real Hainanese yellow rice, so fragrant. Also ordered the Beef Rendang, tendered pieces of beef stewed in curry and spices- very delicious, and not too spicy. We also had some roti chanai dipped in curry sauce. But I like to put sugar on mine.
At the end, we had Ice Kacang- like a snowcone on a bowl, filled with red bean, peanuts, agar-agar, lychee and top with red syrup and evaporated milk- this really brings back memories of the young days in Malaysian, where we go to the market to enjoy some real good ice kacang,.
Very satisfied dinner. Do visit The Little Malaysia next time you visit Atlanta. I really recommend it, if you love Malaysian food.

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Anonymous said...

The food sounds great. I have never had Malaysian food. I would have to try to find a good restaurant here in San Francisco. Any suggestions?