Sunday, June 22, 2008

T-Bone Steak for Dinner

Last Thursday, some guys knock on my door, and they were from A Meat Wholesaler from Albany, selling boxes of Steak ,Chicken and Shrimp. The price per box of six was like $360.00 but who is going to pay so much.
He offered me a box of consisting of 2 small boxes of 6 T.bone Steaks each, two ribeye, and two New York Strips. You can Mix and match or exchange for chicken or shrimp. Of course being Thrifty , I have to Bargain.I offered him $100.00 for the five boxes of Steak, 2 T-bones, 1 New York Strip,1 Ribeye and 1 case of Shrimp. But, he will not take the offer, and we agreed on $140.00, that comes up to about $4.00 per steak. Not bad.
So we decided to cook at home the whole week instead of eating out. We cooked some T-bones and it was delicious, The meat is very tender and juicy. Just defrost the steak, seasoned it with salt and peppered and some McCormick Original SeasonAll Salt .Grill for 10-15 minutes , depend on how you want it, rare, medium or well done.
Served with some potato salad ,mashed potatoes, toasted bread or steam vegetables, topped with A1 Sauce or Bar-b-que sauce.
You have a very delicious and economy steak dinner, why spend $20 to eat out at high-end restaurant.

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