Thursday, September 11, 2008

Atlanta-Cafe 101

I had to drive to Atlanta by myself on last Sunday. Non of the people that promised could make it. My husband has to go to Albany to pick up his trailer. My friend Joan
cancelled the day before as she has to go to Montgomery to celebrate her ex-father in law's birthday and Elizabeth who worked at the Circle has to do overtime till noon.So I had to go myself as I promised to meet my son there.
It was a nice sunny day and traffic was smooth. I had no problem driving on that busy I85 North, till my son gave me some instruction to go on Exit 95 instead of Exit 94 which I normally used to go to Buford Highway, through Chamblee.
I was driving through some neighbourhood which I was not familiar for about 45 minutes, till I finally found my destination.
My son met me at Cafe 101 where he wanted to go for lunch. Cafe 101 had been there for a couple of years, but has been changing ownerships often. Before it was the 99 cents Chinese Restaurant. Well, I expect this restaurant to serve some speciality, maybe some good original Chinese Cuisine. But, instead the menu is the same with all those American Chinese Fast Food Restaurant. The usual General Tso's Chicken, Sesame Chicken and Mongolian Beef.
I asked for Fried Ho Fun, but the did not offer that. So we opt for Hot and Spicy Shrimp, Fried Egg Plant with Black Bean Sauce and Claypot Seafood Stew.
Our Hot Tea came but it was just warm. The white rice came in a cute covered pot.
Came the Hot and spicy Shrimp. It was just sweet, neither hot nor spicy. They supposed to fry the shrimp with light cornstarch batter, but just boiled shrimp.
The Eggplant looked good but when I tasted it, again not spicy and very bland, no salt at all.
Lastly came the Claypot Seafood. I expected to savor some good seafood with vegetables and fried tofu in a gravy base, but it was just some Seafood of 2 shrimp, a few scallops and slices of cuttlefish on some soup base with a few nappa and some taro. What ? Taro in soup? Looks like Foochow cuisine. Well , I wanted some Cantonese style cooking from Chinatown's restaurant. Again, very bland, the soup is tasteless.
However, The service was excellent . We had a few waitresses kept checking on us. I guess they were not too busy. We could not finish all the food,so I had to take the shrimp and Eggplant in a togo box.Rating for Food=Poor, Service=Good, Price-Medium.

After that went to Hong Kong Bakery to get some Buns and Egg Custard Pies.And to Ming's to get some Soy Chicken and Roast Pork.
And went to Old China Town area to get a hair cut.Left Atlanta about 4.15pm and drove back to Columbus at 5.45 pm.
I still had to go to work but I went in at 7.00 pm .

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