Monday, September 1, 2008

Lunch At Taj Mahal Restaurant

Instead of having Korean Food for Lunch at the Mandarin house with my new friend, Elizabeth, we decided to go for Indian food at the Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal is the one and only Indian restaurant serving real Indian Cuisine in Columbus ,Georgia.
It is locate at 2009,Auburn Avenue,Columbus,Ga 31906. Tel: 706-568-9992.
Go on Macon Road, pass K-Mart, and turn right on Auburn Avenue. Located on a plaza, across from Freds.
Taj Mahal is closed on Monday, open everyday for Lunch from 11.30 am till 2.30pm and Dinner 5.30 pm till 10.00 pm.
They serve a Lunch Buffet with a small buffet line consist of White Rice,Briyani Rice,Chicken Masala,Aloo Mattar,Curry Beef, Chutney,Salad and some kind of Sweet Cheese Ball with Syrup.Also Chana Masala ,and Onion Bhajia.
And the waiter brings you a big pitcher of water and some Chappati Bread.

As you entered you will be wondering whether this is An Indian Restaurant or Chinese Restaurant.Despite the color combination of Indian Flavor, this restaurant is decorated with Chinese Decor, Chinese Ceiling , Chinese Lanterns and Painting. You see the story behind this, is this was a Chinese Restaurant before. The Famous China Star which was famous in Columbus many years ago. The new Indian Restaurant Owner decided to keep it as it was.

The food is not bad. I loved the Curry,Briyani Rice and the Roti but one bite on the Chutney turned Sour. It was so Sour,Spicy and Salty. I guess you have to mixed just a little with your rice or roti to eat it. Another thing is the CheesseBall, it was way too sweet. My sugar just ran high with one bite.

I understood that lunch buffet was $6.99 per person, but we did not ask how our che ck came up to $23.12 for 2 person. Something is missing here.

Beside Buffet, Taj Mahal also serve a variety of Indian Cuisine.

Briyani- Basmati rice cooked with your choice of shrimp, chicken or lamb.
Chappati- Thin Whole Wheat Rosted Bread.
Chutney- Pickle Vegetables, Sour, Salty and Spicy
Chicken Masala-Boneles Chicken cooked in Special Masala Sauce.
Chicken Kurma- Boneless Chicken with Yogurt,Nuts And Spices
Onion Bhajia- Onion Fritters served with Chutney
Vegetable Samosa- Crispy Turnover,deliciously filled with Mildly spiced ootatoes and green peas.

If you loved Spicy food, I recommend the Taj Mahal.

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