Monday, July 6, 2009

Dinner At Chow Time -Grill and Buffet

We were down at Panama City doing a project ,and one evening we decided to go for Chinese Buffet dinner. Our friends told there was one newly opened restaurant that have a great buffet.

We went to Chow Time. If one does not know, he will not realized that he is going to an Oriental restaurant . Located at the corner of Highway 77 and 23rd Street, this restaurant has a big sign saying Chow Time -Grill and Buffet. As you entered, you are supposed to get a ticket and wait for your hostess to find you a table. They are so packed.The restaurant is beautifully decorated , light and cozy color. In the middle ,sits about 6-8 Hot and Cold Buffet Bar.

They claimed to have more than 250 items, ranging from Chinese, American,Mexican and
Japanese food.On the Sushi bar is a variety of Sushi's,California Roll, Eel Roll,Tuna and Salmon. But the sushi is tiny, the size of a nickel. They need to roll the sushi bigger.

On the hot bar are popular items like Broccoli Chicken, Beef,Lomein, Rice noodles,sweet and sour chicken, Terriyaki Chicken,Pepper Steak, Mongolian Beef and a lot of different kind of Shrimp, Fried, Grilled and Spicy.

On the Grill items are Grilled Salmon, Pork Chop and Chicken. The best if the Bar b q
Beef Ribs. These are big Beef Ribs with a tangy fruity flavor. The Salmon pieces are
slowly grilled with some spices.

There is also a Salad Bar ,A Fruit Bar and a Dessert Bar . There are a few kinds of cakes there is really good, Chocolate Cake and Angel's Food Cake.Also Banana Pudding and Rice Pudding. Fruits comes with Honey Dew Melon,Cantaloupe, Oranges, Apples , Lychees,Grapes and Water Melons.

Different kinds of soup are Egg Drop Soup, Hot and Sour Soup and Wonton soup.
Service is okay, not perfect. I think because they were so busy.

The price is very reasonable - only $6.99 per person with tax, drinks were extra $1.25. The ticket for 5 of us was $40.00 plus $5.00 tips.
Very satisfying and full lunch. I do recommend you to Chow Time if you do visit Panama City's Beach.


Anonymous said...

The food is ok. But watch out! They are not hold to the end of their bargain!
The sing on the wall says $3.99 per pound for buffet to go. But when we filled up a cup full of peanut candies for to go, the lady said, it is not for sale. She then called the store manager and said the price is $5.99 per pound just for the peanut candiesThere is NO sings close to the peanut candy say "special item, not for sale", and no sing on the wall says "$5.99 per pound for peanut candies", when there are other sings say "seafood to go $4.99 per pound"!!! How could they just up the price like that when there is no sing at all!!!! Totally a bait and switch case!

Beside, we found a fly in the soy souse!!!!!!!!!

We will never go back there again!

Anonymous said...

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