Saturday, June 6, 2009

Graduation's Dinner At Chef's Lee II,Columbus,Ga

At Last, my youngest son Joel is graduating from High School. After all those years of helping with homework and assignment, driving to and fro to school and after school activities, I am ready to relax now. But still have to worry on what future path he is going to take. He opts for Culinary Arts, so wish him all the best.

After the graduation ceremony at University Hall,Columbus State University , we decided to have dinner at TGIF but when we reached there , they told us we have to wait another 1-2 hours. In fact there were not that busy. Every was hungry so instead we decided to go for Chinese Food and Chef's Lee II, located at Bradley Park Drive.

Chef's Lee is one of the upper class Chinese Restaurant in Columbus, It is very beautiful, like a palace. As you walked in there is a bridge over the pond with Koi fishes. Inside is decorated with antique Decor. Very vintage look. On the background is soft Chinese music.

There were 11 of us plus a baby, David. Joel, Mandy, Tham and Girlfriend , Charmant and Girlfriend, Henry, Me and Aaron, Jonathan and Rachel. Joan and John did not come as she was mad with Mandy.

We ordered Dumpling and Pu Pu Platter for appetizer. Looks like the Pu Pu Platter was not enough. For the main almost everyone ordered the Mongolian Beef, which is one of the popular dish served here. I ordered Crispy duck and one of the girls ordered Chicken Lo Mein.

Took about 15 minutes for the food to be served. We did not have to wait too long as they were not too busy after 9.30 pm.They served quite a lot of food. Everyone loved the Mongolian Beef, but my crispy duck were a bit dry. I also ordered me a Pina Colada. It was good.

After dinner, the waiter brought us the ticket with fortune cookies and fresh cut oranges. Ticket came up to $129.00 plus $20.00 tips.

I do recommend Chef's Lee if you want some good Chinese Food with Great environment. Cost is not too high. And they also Korean food , you have to ask for the Korean Menu.Every Year Chef's Lee is one of the Top Ten Chinese Restaurant in the United States Top Chinese Restaurant Competition. And this year, Chef's Lee is one of the top in the International Restaurant Competition in Beijing. Go try some good authentic food in Chef's Lee.

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