Saturday, May 30, 2009

Great Lunch at Little Malaysia

After we send my mother-in-law to the airport for her trip to Malaysia,everyone decided to go to Atlanta China Town , for lunch. We wanted to go for Malaysian Food instead of Korean BBQ.We went to The Little Malaysian Restaurant, at Asian Square on Buford Highway.

We wanted to order Satay Chicken but surprisingly they do not serve Satay.We ordered
3 Roti Chanai, Hainam Chicken Rice, Hokkien Mee, Char Kuey Tew, Choy Sam with Oyster Sauce, Rendang Beef-Beef in Spicy sauce and Fat Put Tew Heong- Cashew chicken served on a Fried Taro Nest.And Also House Lo Mein and for desert we had Ice Kacang.

There were lots of food, we could not finish, had to get a few togo boxes. The bill comes up to $105.That is economy for 8 person.Plus $20.00 tips.

Food was good, and service excellent.I recommend this restaurant if you really like some authentic Malaysian Cuisine.

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