Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dinner at The Tien

It was my husband's 50th Birthday yesterday. Since we are in Biloxi and our friend recommended, we had Dinner at The Tien. This restaurant offers All You Can Eat Buffet. It is located on the 2nd floor, inside the Imperial Palace Casino.
Since Katrina,the Imperial had moved inland, located on at Bayview on the side of Highway 110.

We were there like 7pm and there was already a long line of maybe 100 people.However , the line move fast.Something different, there was no cashier, only a few host, guiding you to order on the computer screen and insert your money or Credit card into the ATM Machine. I guess this is a great way to prevent thief and robbery.

The restaurant is beautiful decorated. There was a long line of hot and cold bar.
A varieties of Oriental style with Vietnamese Pho, Spring Roll,Stirfried,Southern Cooking of Collard Greens,,Black Eye Peas, Fried Chicken and Barbecue. On the Grill are Steak and Turkey. A Fruit Bar with Chocolate Fountain, and Dessert Bar consist of so many kind of great desert, from Brownies, Mississippi Mud Pie, Cheesecakes and Red Velvet Cake. And the Best part that everyone loves is the Seafood Bar with all the shrimps,clams and the Giant Crab Claws.

Everyone ate so much and were so satisfied and full.The buffet cost $22.00 per person.

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