Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lunch At Fuji Japanese Restaurant-Panama City ,Florida

We saw the ad that Fuji Restaurant has a grand opening, so we went to try it out. They Had Japanese "All You Can Eat Buffet".I think they had just opened about a few week only.
Fuji Japanese Restaurant is located on 232,S .Tyndall Parkway ,Panama City ,Florida.

When we arrived about 1 pm, we noticed the parking lot is empty, just a few cars. The building is decorated with colorful flags and at the entrance are two big stones Kirin lions. As we walked in, we noticed just a few Japanese Art decor. There is a
Wishing well fountain and there are mostly Chinese decorations, Chinese wind charms,green Chinese roof on the Hibachi Tables, and all chinese waitresses and chef.This restaurant is actually owned by Chinese.

There are about 7 hot bar, 2 sushi bar, a cold bar ,a Hibachi Grill and a Mongolian Grill(What is the difference, they look the same)
On the Sushi Bar, there is a variety of different sushi, California roll,Eel roll,Sashimi and many colorful roll. Also Japanese Salad-seaweed salad. On the cold bar, are salad bar, fruits and some condiments.

Over at the hot bar, you are surprised that most of the dishes are typically Chinese favourites-Sesame Chicken,Broccoli Chicken,Lomein, Fried Rice. I did not see any
Japanese dishes. Not even Miso Soup, only Hot and Sour Soup and Egg drop soup.

At the Hibachi Grill , you can pick up your own choice of meat,shrimp,pork,Beef or chicken, and vegetables-onions,green pepper, beansprouts,mushroom and noodles. They are all fresh and raw and you let the Hibachi Chef cook it for you on the grill . I tried to check out the difference between Hibachi and Mongolian. I saw a handwritten note pasted that said Mongolian sauce is sweeter. I guess not much difference.

After finished we tried some fruits. I wanted to try the cakes, but my husband said it was too sweet.

Out ticket came up to $19.10 for lunch, about 8.99 a person. Not bad, consider it cost that much for a plate of sushi or Hibachi if you go to an authentic Japanese Restaurant. However, the service is not that satisfied. After, serving our drinks, we hardly see any waitresses around, consider there were only 5 or 6 tables of customers.So only $3.00 tips.

Food= Average.

Fuji is opened everyday from 10.30 am to 9.30 pm.
Tel 850 522 8989

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Cliff said...

I am local to the area and just discovered the place last night. I thought it was excellent and the service was great. It had been Chinese before but has been remodeled and apparently is under new management. I will definitely go back.