Monday, August 20, 2007

Go Away Party

A bunch of Asian Geek kids,at a Go Away Party at Hot Wings Cafe

The kids are going back to school. My eldest son , Charmant is transferring from Columbus States University to Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia.

So finally he is moving out of the house, have been packing this whole week and going to and fro to Atlanta. He has been eating at home all these while, I am wondering if he is going to miss all my home cooked meals.

A few others kids like Ma Seow and Wang are going to Georgia too. So a few of us Parents here

decided to give them a Go Away Party. I am going to cook some Hot Wings, Curry Chicken and Fried rice. Well, I made some Hot Wings, Terriyaki Wings and I grilled some too.

Yin, brought pizza and beer, Wang's parents brought some spring roll. Joan brought some salad,

and dessert.Rachel brought a cake she baked, with Georgia Tech logo on it, but too sweet.

Still have 2/3 left today.

All the wings gone, and what ever left is taken home by the families.

The kids are having a good time, so are the adults, enjoying the food and glad their teenagers are finally moving out. But , Asians still have those family links, they want their children to stay home with them, hoping they will be taken care of, when they get old.

Party is over at 5.30pm.Kids go hang out, parents go back to work.
Get some delicious jerky

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