Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jerky Direct-All Natural, No Hormones or Additives

Jerky Direct- I joined Jerky Direct about 3 months ago. I really enjoyed the jerky they sent me each month. I paid $12.00 plus shipping and each month they sent me 2 (3.5 oz)bags of Jerky.

So far I have tried the Terriyaki Beef, and my family really enjoy them.They are all gone on the 1st day they arrived.

All Natural Healthy Meat Snacks. Jerky Direct, producer of healthy all-natural meat snacks, is dedicated to bringing you the finest quality, all-natural, meat snacks at an incredible value. Jerky Direct has long been a supplier of healthy meat snacks to the industry and is known as the premier producer and supplier of premium meat snacks to health conscious people worldwide.

Buying Jerky WITHOUT the Middleman
Jerky Direct has taken a unique position in the marketplace in that we have decided to completely bypass standard distribution methods, slotting fees, brokers, etc. and sell jerky direct to our customers. Eliminating the middlemen has given Jerky Direct a large margin of profit to use in implementing creative marketing ideas.

Keeping Money in YOUR Pocket.We here at Jerky Direct are committed to keep our marketing dollars in the pockets of the people who deserve it... You as the consumer of the product, and the person who told you about our product. That's right, without the middleman you get a better price, and, should you decide to introduce your friends and family to our jerky, as a reseller you will earn a commission for each and every bag they buy.

How Do I Make Money?We feel that the Jerky Direct opportunity is unlike any opportunity out there. Our great product and excellent compensation programs are unrivaled in the industry. As a store owner you have the opportunity to make money in a number of ways:
7 LEVEL PAYOUT All autoshipments and enhanced products carry commissions that are paid out 7 levels.
5% COMMISSION paid on ALL wholesale sales generated on your first level beyond the $12.00 monthly commitment purchases (based on your level of participation!)
20% COMMISSION paid on ALL retail sales generated at your web site storefront.
What is the commitment?As low as a $12.00 monthly commitment gets you up to a half pound of premium quality meat snacks. As a Jerky Direct Distributor you will also receive your own website, all of your hosting and marketing tools. It also allows you to purchase products at our SUPER LOW WHOLESALE pricing! Of course Jerky Direct offers additional participation levels giving the Distributors additional earning opportunities
When do I get Paid?Commissions are generated the first day of each month for the previous months transactions. Unlike some companies that hold on to your money until you reach a "threshold" Jerky Direct produces your commission checks every month, no matter how large or small they may be.
Where is the fine print?There is none! As long as you maintain an active storefront you are eligible to receive ALL commissions generated from jerky purchases in your down line. It is as simple as that, no complex requirements or stepped commission payouts. Bottom line, if you earned it, we will pay it to you.

Jerky Direct, a producer of healthy all-natural and/or organic products is dedicated to bringing you the finest quality premium products at an incredible value. Jerky Direct has long been a supplier of healthy meat snacks to the industry and is known as a premier producer and supplier of many premium products to health-conscious people everywhere. Jerky Direct offers premium products which are all natural and/or organic. Because of quality, variety and value, our company is growing at an astounding rate. We are continuing to expand our growth by looking for extraordinary people to become new distributors nationwide. With Jerky Direct, you have the opportunity to become an important part of a winning team! Click here for more info on this great opportunity!

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