Sunday, August 26, 2007

Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday and it nice to have good Friends.My best friend invited me and my son to her house and she cooked me some good Homecooked Malaysia food. Curry Chicken,Hard boiled Eggs, cucumber,Nasi Beryani (Spicy rice) And I bought some Tiramisu cake from Publix.
And dinner ,my friends Kun,Kenny and Flora cooked some real chinese cuisine, which I really missed since living in the States for so long. Pig feet in soy sauce, Braised Roast Pork with Tofu and Steam Fish .And we have an Ice Cream Cake.
When I reached home,I checked on my computer and a bunch of nice friends from my other network community ,Adlandpro sent me their birthday wishes. Really appreciate for all the kind and nice people I met online. There are really a lot of good friends around the world on the online community, like Adlandpro, Directmatches, Lazzeo, Ojeez and Mybloglog.

One really caught my eye is a simple prayer sent by Bob Carper. So I want to share with all my friends here.
Dear Lord: Every single evening As I'm lying here in bed This tiny little prayer Keeps running through my head. God bless all my family Wherever they may be, Keep them warm and safe from harm For they're so close to me. And God, there is one more thing I wish that you could do. Hope you don't mind me asking, Bless my computer too. Now I know that it's not normal To bless a mother board, But listen just a second While I explain to you 'My Lord'. You see, that little metal box Holds more than odds & ends Inside those small compartments Rest so many of my FRIENDS. I know so much about them By the kindness that they give And this little scrap of metal Takes me in to wherever they live. By faith is how I know them Much the same as you We share in what life brings us And from that our friendship grew. Please, take an extra minute From your duties up above To bless those in my address book/network That's filled with so much love! Wherever else this prayer may reach To each and every friend, bless each e-mail Inbox And the person who hits “Send. “When you update your heavenly list On your own CD-Rom Remember each who've said this prayer Sent up to God.Com. Amen.
Happy Birthday Lai


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