Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bling Bling Rims

My topic today is not about vintage cars. I have been driving around and noticed the cars that young guys here in the South driving.They loved those Buick Boxcar, Crown Victoria and maybe some old Impalas. Some of them will go all the way to make their cars look impressive. I saw one Crown Victoria painted Green with John Deer Logo.
One has M&M candies all over, and one has the WalMart's Smiley Face.Most have bright mettalic paint on them.
Another thing you will notice on these cars is these guys they like to spend their money on those Bling Bling Rims or Chrome Rims.Not Cheap, each rim cost between 300 to 600 dollars. Sometimes the Rims cost more than their cars. Is this the way they show their status?
The rims used to start with 18 ", then came the 20",22",24" and now they have like 30". What is it with those big rims? And how are they going to maneuver their cars?
Guess modern driving is a lot different from Grandpa's driving.

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