Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I love a Hummer !!

The Best,Bested.The Hummer was built around one central philosophy.Function. And it
intstantly became the most functional off road vehicle ever made available for the
civilian market.
Thr 2006 H1 Alpha,was built around one central philosophy too.To improve on the already legendary H1,a task most engineer won't even attempt.
The result ? A new breed of truck.Superior to any truck ever came before it.A truck that can do more than even the orignal H1, delivering a level of driver confidence, impossible to find in any other 4x4. More horsepower,more torque, more pulling power and increase level of luxury,the H1 Alpha is a vehicle which not only sets you apart but truly sets you Free.Price 06 H1 Alpha Wagon-$140,796, Open-Top-$129,399
IN A WORLD WHERE SUV HAVE BEGUN TO LOOK LIKE THEIR OWNERS,complete with Love Handles and Mushy Seats,H2 proves that there is still one out there that can drop and give you 20.More spacious, comfortable interior and a host of standard features,the H2
strikes a perfect balance between interior comfort,on-road compability and off-road compability.Price 2007 H2- Starting at $55,000
Hummer- Like nothing else

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