Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pho Vy -Vietnamese Cuisine

Having settled in United States for so many years, I have not dined in a Vietnamese Restaurant before. I knew nothing about Vietnamese cuisine. I thought everything is either spicy or sweet and sour. I loved Thai Food, but not Vietnamese.
There are a lot of Vietnamese and Laotians living in Columbus.Most of them either work in factory or owns a Nail Saloon. There is at least two Nail Saloons in every major Street in Columbus. I only knew one Vietnamese Restaurant. So about a month ago,we wanted to try out some Vietnamese food ,as I heard the Pho(Far) is very good.
We went to Pho Vy Vietnamese Cuisine on River Road. Located in a small shopping complex,the restaurant is brightly painted with yellow color, and simple decoration. Owned by a young couple, we see some little kids sitting around. Very cosy.
We asked the waitress to recommend and she told us the Pho no. 0 is very famous. on the menu Pho.Dac.Biet is a Combination Noodle Soup with eye round steak,well=done flank,marble brisket,soft tendon and beef tripe.
We also ordered Cha Gio-Vietnamese style eggrolls,fried (4 per order)Goi Cuon- fresh steamed spring rolls.
Another popular item is Bun Tom Thit Nuong - Vermicelli with marinated grilled pork slices and shrimps.Com Tam Suon Nuong -Grilled pork chop with Jasmine Rice.
For drinks we ordered fresh coconut juice and soy-bean milk.
We waited not too long even though they were a little busy, with no extra waitress and the kids running around. We got our egg rolls, perfectly fried and served with some sweet and spicy sauce , perfect!!!We amazed when our noodle soup is served, in a gigantic bowl, and lots of beansprout,parsley,lettuce accompanied on a side plate.
And the pork chop comes in a big oval plate. Very generous serving. The noodles was really delicious, lots of meat,really home-cooked style.
I am very satisfied with our first attempt on Vietnamese Cuisine. Will come back again.
PhoVy is located on 5156,River Road,Suite A, Columbus,Georgia
Open 6 days a week, Closed Wednesday.


Tracey said...


This is not a comment for posting. I couldn't figure out how to contact you personally so I thought this was the next best way. I was wondering if you could help me. I have an acquaintance who just moved to the Columbus, GA area. They are from Thailand. His wife does not drive and is miserable because she spends her days at home and she does not know anyone here. I have searched and searched on the internet and cannot find any resources for her. Do you know of any churches, organizations, or just general information that will be able to help her get acclimated and not be so isolated. Feel free to email me with your response Thank you.

Wesley Hall said...

Thank you for your post about this restaurant. Based on your comments, I cannot wait to try it out!
Just a friendly word to you... Your statements:

"Most of them either work in factory or owns a Nail Saloon. There is at least two Nail Saloons in every major Street in Columbus."

are both condescending and factually untrue. You really take away from the good parts of your blog, and your review, by statements that like that. It's not the end of the world, but you may want to give it some thought.