Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Vintage Chevrolet.

Driving down the road on Buena Vista Drive after my Saturday sale at the Flea Market, I noticed this Big White Vintage sitting in from of the Andrea's Club.I turned around to get a better view. Indeed , this is not a Ford , but an Old
Grandpa's Chevrolet. I think in the 40-50's.
This car has a new coat of white paint, a brand new Chevrolet Tag, in front,a gold color Chevrolet Logo. Despite the big, wide body, the lights are small and round, and tiny turn signals.The side window glass has a crack, and the tag dated April 05.I guess this is not running, but a show car. Not perfectly rebuilt but still a piece of Chevrolet Vintage,located in Columbus,Georgia.
Look out for some upcoming really antique car!!!!

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